Episode 161 – Hurrah!

Luke, Owen, and Parker have a big shoutout for Ella Wolfe to kick off this episode! Then things get weird as they make NFL comparisons while walking through the woods (metaphorically). They also discuss the Phillies’ trade deadline and James Harden re-signing with the Sixers. Also, Luke reveals his sleeper kicker for the 2022 fantasy football season!

Episode 151 – Mickey Mantle vs. Mickey Mouse

In this episode, Luke, Owen, and Parker discuss basketball court dimensions, the NBA playoffs, and how Nick Castellanos is Parker’s favorite Phillie. Then they play What’s Your Number, Two Nicknames and a Lie, and Verb It or Verb It. Also, does Parker have a good Tom Brady impression?

Episode 148 – Fixing the Mascot Industry

Owen and Parker discuss Parker’s home alone experience, his mom’s triathlon, and the Sixers. Then they try to figure out how mascots can improve and evolve. Please help us learn how to turn our Wentz jerseys into AJ Brown jerseys. Also, is “Country” a good nickname?

Episode 146 – For Real The Real’s Been Surreal

Parker, Owen, and Luke talk about all the big-time things that happened this week personally and in sports. Parker got an email back from the NBA, Owen and is undefeated as a flag football coach. The NFL Draft is fast-approaching, and the NBA Playoffs are entertaining as always. Also, we will never trust Luke’s medical info ever again.

Episode 141 – Watching March Madness on TV

Parker, Luke and Owen watch UNC upset Baylor, and Kansas hold off Creighton. They also discuss a few headlines from the week. Also, is Marvel everywhere?

Episode 140 – Bomb Cyclone

Zoom can’t stop us from talking about sports for over an hour, especially this week! So much stuff happened in the sports world, the most important of them being Parker starting volleyball.

Episode 137 – Elementary School Shows

Owen, Luke, and Parker do a shorter show this week because Parker had to go get a pedicure with the basketball team. They discuss sports media crushing Philadelphia instead of Ben Simmons, shows they watched in elementary school, and Dutch people.

Episode 131 – Finally Talking Spider-Man

In this episode Owen, Luke, and Parker finally give each other their Christmas gifts. Then they discuss Baker Mayfield and Antonio Brown, and who they would prefer the Eagles face in the playoffs. Also, HUGE spoiler alert for the Marvel Minute.

Episode 130 – Holly, Ivy, and Evergreen

Owen and Parker discuss the need for more Christmas jazz, the NFL game postponements, and Parker’s childhood musical stardom. Then Parker gives Santa a pep talk and they make a shocking discovery about a beloved songwriter. Also, Parker knew that Cardinals-Lions would be a trap game.

Episode 128 – If You Know What I Mean…

Owen, Luke, and Parker discuss Luke’s car breaking down, Tyrese Maxey’s layups, and Jalen Reagor. Then Parker just straight up lies about going to a Target in Virginia, and they play Verb It or Verb It. Also, Parker and Luke come up with some Marvel-based pickup lines… if you know what I mean.

Episode 126 – Parker Talks Time Travel

This week, Owen talks about his visit to Full Sail and shares his difficulties getting breakfast while in Florida. The trio discusses time travel, Cam Newton, baseball’s MVPs, and Carson Wentz’s baby. Also, should Luke name his firstborn Loki?

Episode 125 – Luke Needs a Real Tree

Owen, Luke, and Parker discuss this week’s sports topics, introduce a new segment, and come up with more analogies. They check in live with the most bored announcer ever, and Parker imagines what it would be like if Simone Biles were a defensive back. Also, Luke is outraged.

Episode 124 – Naming Parker’s Kids

Owen and Parker discuss the difficulties of driving with younger siblings, Ben Simmons, the Sixers’ amazing start to the season, the new NBA City jerseys, and Parker’s shoulder problems. Also, is naming your kid Angel setting expectations too high?

Episode 113 – Parker’s Glasses Don’t Work

The whole band is back together as Owen, Luke, and Parker discuss the struggles of contacts, the NL Wild Card race, and NFL players with single digit numbers. Owen and Parker agree on almost all fantasy football wide receiver prospects. Also, don’t watch football in church.

Episode 103 – Golf May Result in Exploding Eyes

This is one of our best episodes. We discuss the NBA playoffs, the most beautiful thing in sports, the Atlantic League, the least dangerous sports, and what to expect when someone falls off a train. Also, HOW exactly did Duke get choose their new coach?

Episode 98 – Which Came First: The Goat or the Egg?

Owen, Parker, and Luke have their best episode yet. They loved the Devonta Smith pick, and the rest was meh. They tell driving stories, and Luke is a fantasy basketball monster. Also, are four legs better than two?

Episode 92 – Big Bucks Belichick

Owen and Parker do this episode without Luke, who had an “appointment”. They argue about Belichick and Brady quite a bit, and some other parts of free agency. They play “He Won’t Be Good”, and bring back an old segment. Also, NASCAR drivers wear diapers.